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The Best Weight Loss Pills

In today’s health conscious modern world it is essential to appear slim and vigorous for both men and women. Often, a lot of individuals get extremely depressed over their weight issues, and are unaware of the fact as to how to attain their weight goals effectively. Many persons opt to go for gym, cardio, daily workouts, strict diet plans and so forth. However, all these require a heavy amount of expenditure as well as plenty of time and numerous people suffering the weight issues do not have ample time for workouts or gyms. This doesn’t imply that they can never put down the extra pounds off their body, The best and the most efficient way to lose weight without much effort and time is the use of pills.

Pills are principally valuable for persons who desire to drop weight instantaneously. Work outs or following strict diets, all are quite time-consuming whereas pills can provide you immediate outcomes. Nevertheless, you should to take into consideration that the pills are purc

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The Skinny on Brown Fat

In the 1980s and 1990s, conventional wisdom said that all fat was bad fat. This belief gave rise to countless low- and no-fat diets. But nutritional theories changed, and today healthy fats are an important part of many popular eating plans, such as the Mediterranean diet.

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Best Diet Pills For Men

All right guys. You want to lose weight. That’s fine. It’s really not that hard- once you’ve learned a few key points that keep pounds dropping off at the speed of light. Watch out Arnold, here we come.

Before we get into which diet pills are best for men, I would like to go over some vital points. These simple facts can keep you losing weight and feeling great. No I’m not talking about starving yourself with some fad diet. While dieting does help in combination with moderate exercise, there are some simpler things to be done.

One of these things goes against conventional wisdom. You need to eat more meals each day. Around six is perfect. You see, most men only eat one to two large meals a day. This has most of them scratching their heads, wondering why they’re fat? It’s because of a principle known as starvation mode.

Starvation mode is a way for your body to protect itself. If you do not feed yourself regularly, your body will hold onto what you eat. It stores it as fat for

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Green smoothie recipe

Looking for healthy smoothie recipes to kick-start the new year? This green smoothie is loaded with antioxidants and vitamins.


» Handful of spinach
» Handful of strawberries
» 1 pear
» 1 banana
» 1 scoop organic vanilla protein powder
» 1 cup green tea (prepared as you would a cuppa)

What you’ll do
Throw all ingredients into a blender and press go. Pour into your favourite vessel – a Mason jar adds a nice sense of occasion, or tip it into a shaker to drink on the run!

Recipe from our December cover model Meaghan Terzis.

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Usefulness of Weight Loss & Diets for Women

Fitness is more a craze these days. Fitness freaks are growing in number and gyms are mushrooming in cities as well as towns. As overweight is a problem with most of women especially once they are in the threshold of early thirty and after baby birth. During pregnancy, they gain weight but that is quite natural. It is true that fitness programs help you lose weight but work better when finely balanced with right diet. The right combination of weight loss and diets for women is important for you to stay in a good shape.

The hourglass figure of a svelte beauty is much coveted by all women. It is really hard to maintain that shapely figure but more than difficult once you put on weight and want to regain the perfect ten look. The need of the hour is to immediately start some pound shedding exercises with disciplined regularity. But that is not enough; you should be on proper diet as well. At the same time, it is also impo

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Eating little & often does NOT boost metabolism

Eating multiple mini meals does not boost metabolism or promote weight loss, research presented to the Society for Endicrinology shows.

When 24 lean and obese women were given two meals or five meals comprising equal calories, energy expenditure over 24 hours was comparable.

It’s another nail in the coffin for eating regimes promising to trick the system. No fancy scheme could cancel the basic fact of weight loss, researchers said: calories in less than calories out. Simples.

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4 breathing techniques to reduce stress

Feeling stressed? Simple tweaks to breathing can immeasurably boost wellbeing and reduce stress. Here’s how to audit and upgrade your breath for better physical and mental health.


Step 1: Breathe from your abdomen

To get the most out of each breath, you need to breathe from your belly, says Ros Ben-Moshe, director of Laughlife Wellbeing Programs.

“Optimal breathing stems from the abdomen, where a richer inhalation of oxygen and exhalation of carbon dioxide occurs, slowing the heart rate and easing anxiety.” She says breathing deeper in this way stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, which induces feelings of “peace and calm”.

“Interestingly, we begin our lives breathing well, which can be seen watching babies breathing, as they take deep

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What to do after a food binge

Eaten too much? Overindulged at the weekend? These tips should help you resume and maintain your healthy habits following a food blowout.

The occasional overindulgence isn’t going to harm your health, but it’s important to get back on track after a big night out.

“It’s normal to overindulge and go out and enjoy yourself on occasion, but it’s how you redeem yourself after the fact as to whether you see weight gain or weight loss,” says accredited practising dietitian and Dietitians Association of Australia spokesperson Lauren McGuckin.

Try these three pieces of advice for getting back on track: 

1. Let your tummy groan
Then have a light, healthy, protein-rich breakfast like an egg on wholegrain toast or a small bowl of muesli with yoghurt and berries.

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Bone Broth: Good for Your Body?

Home cooks and chefs all over the world have traditionally boiled leftover bones to make rich, flavorful broth. Now bone broth is a rising health trend that may become as popular as fresh vegetable juice and smoothies in some circles. Why is this simple soup gaining superstar status? Followers of the trendy Paleolithic, or Paleo, diet are familiar with bone broth, a staple stock made from the cracked and slowly simmered raw or cooked bones of poultry, fish, or almost any type of meat.

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First seen on Jackie Fryberg Blog.

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Diet For Weight Loss

Many people are now in search of the perfect diet for weight loss. They search on websites; magazines, health books etc. but all of them end up searching a diet which when applied causes increase in weight rather than decreasing it. In real there is no such diet to reduce your weight. Today there is a lot of information which provides you with the complete guidance on help for your weight loss which is free of cost and surely workable. The basic principle of weight loss is to eat food on time with the proper quantity.

The best food to eat that will help you lose weight is a bowl of fresh fruits and vegetables. Foods containing full fats are bad for us. Saturated fats are found in many foods which add to your weight and cholesterol. In order to reduce it keep a check on your daily diet and avoid foods which are rich in fats and replace it with foods containing high fiber and protein. Please avoid food buffets

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Weight Loss and Natural Hormone Replacement

One of the most common and frustrating complaints of women and men experiencing menopause and andropause is the sudden onset of unexpected belly fat. The belly fat may occur with or without weight gain. Unfortunately, this type of fat includes visceral fat- a fat that envelopes the internal organs and presents many health hazards including the increased risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, breast cancer and stroke. According to the Mayo Clinic, this type of fat is also associated with an increased risk of premature death regardless of the individual’s weight.

Natural Hormone Replacement

Of course taking control of your eating habits and improving your amount of physical activity can help make you healthier. Some guidelines to follow are to eat more vegetables and fruits, to choose lean sources of dairy and meat products, keeping your portion sizes reasonable and including aerobic exercise and weight training to your weekly routine.

Sometimes though, these

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10 Rеаѕоnѕ to Uѕе Coconut Oіl Evеrуdау

Cосоnut Oil іѕ ѕаіd tо be one оf thе hеаlthіеѕt аnd mоѕt vеrѕаtіlе оf аll oils. Nаtіvе trорісаl сulturеѕ thаt thrive оn dіеtѕ rісh іn сосоnut attribute thеіr heart hеаlth, youthful skin, luѕtrоuѕ hair, dental health, ѕtrоng іmmunіtу, аnd lean bоdіеѕ tо thеіr bеlоvеd trорісаl trоореr.

Pure Cосоnut Oіl mаkеѕ a natural ѕоurсе of fооd and bоdу medicine. It is a truе gіft frоm Mother Nature thаt offers rеmаrkаblе bеnеfіtѕ, еѕресіаllу whеn tаkеn daily.

Hеrе’ѕ why:

1. Grеаt to use as a сооkіng oil

Unlіkе other vegetable, ѕееd and nut оіlѕ, including оlіvе оіl, coconut оіl hаѕ a very hіgh smoking point and will nоt turn rancid аnd oxidize when іt іѕ heated.

2. Bооѕtѕ еnеrgу lеvеlѕ

Cосоnut оіl іѕ mеtаbоlіѕеd and соnvеrtеd bу thе lіvеr directly іntо еnеrgу. In hіѕ bооk, C

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